Join the Society

How to join, or renew your subscription to, the Banbury Historical Society.
Members are entitled to attend all of the society’s lectures and to go on all the outings. They receive the Society’s journal when published and a copy of each Records Volume as it appears.  Members also automatically become members of the Oxfordshire Local History Association (OLHA) and of the British Association for Local History (BALH) and can attend all their activities.  Members with email accounts receive regular e-newsletters with updates of the society’s activities and also news of other events which might interest them. These are also visible on our Website.

Annual membership currently costs £15 for an individual member or £20 for two members living at the same address (jointly receiving one copy of publications).

You can join the society (or renew your subscription) by sending a cheque (made out to Banbury Historical Society) to the Membership Secretary, Banbury Historical Society, c/o 12 Longellow Road, Banbury OX16 9LB.  Please include your full name (or names for a double membership), address, telephone number and email address. For assistance you can email the membership secretary ( (Please read our Privacy Policy here.)

Corporate Sponsors 
Local businesses can become Corporate Sponsors to support the Society and its work.  £50 per year gives you membership, with all the usual benefits, together with your company’s name listed as a supporter in the society’s journal. You will be entitled to nominate two members of your staff to attend the lectures and events and you will receive a signed certificate and if requested, a short history of your premises for an additional fee.

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