Banbury Historical Society Library.

A number of books have been donated to, or acquired by, the Society over the years. These are housed in the Library on the top floor of the Banbury Museum building. It is open to the public on Wednesday afternoons (2pm - 5pm) provided a 'duty officer' is available. Books are for reference only, and may not be borrowed.

The following categories of books are welcomed as additions for the library: –

1.   Banbury history, the history of Oxfordshire and Oxford, the history of the surrounding counties – Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire.

2.   How to write local history and where to find archival sources

3.   Relevant general historical, archaeological, genealogical, geological and heraldic material and reference works on canals, railways, furniture, paintings, pottery, silver, clocks etc.

4.   Material relating to resources needed at the museum – museum practice, identification of pieces on display, items relating to present or past exhibitions, material to support the Reminiscences programme.


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